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This is why Taylor Swift's new song sounds so familiar

This is why Taylor Swift's new song sounds so familiar

This is why Taylor Swift's new song sounds so familiar

"Of the fool, no, I don't like you".

This is probably the most obvious reference to Kanye in the whole song, since the rapper performed on a tilted, elevated stage throughout the Saint Pablo Tour in 2016.

Word of a new album lifted Swift to a top trending topic around the world Wednesday on Twitter ahead of Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, to be hosted by Katy Perry, a former friend.

Perhaps one of the most striking scenes? She also drew inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 thriller "Vertigo" for the new lyric video which was co-produced by Joseph Kahn. She drives the point home later in the song: "I don't trust nobody and nobody trusts me".

I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/Why?

"I was cringing the entire time".

Taylor Swift has dropped the lead single off of her sixth album.

What do you think about Taylor Swift working with Kim Kardashian's best friend? Nonetheless, Donda's death was such a big deal it's hard to forget, especially if you're feuding with her son.

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Listen to the two songs side-by-side here. Taylor's drama with Kanye, Kim and Katy would nearly certainly not have reached the levels it did had it not played out in the news for everyone to watch. "It's unlikely to be many people's new favourite Swift song, demanded in encores for years hence", a review from the Evening Standard reads. Suddenly America's sweetheart was exposed for not being as innocent as she seemed. Kim's decision to record the conversation in case of a rainy day, and her execution of how the phone call was released, was pretty ideal.

Speaking of which, naysayers are scoffing at the name saying she built the Reputation for herself, while fans are virtually high-fiving her for the clever title and are ready for her to slay all of her naysayers doubts.

Kim then posted a series of Snapchats on National Snake Day, which were recordings of phone calls between her husband and Taylor Swift.

Still, despite the fact that she consistently sheds her skin, so to speak, the theme of rising above negativity or hatred is nothing new for Taylor Swift.

Along with the Kanye drama, Swift has also been involved in various other scandals including a groping trial in which she accused DJ David Mueller of assaulting her during a meet and greet. She counters these claims by singing that the haters are, well, gonna hate; and that she's just gonna shake it off. Fans dissected the clues in hopes it would reveal details about her new music, and the pop star finally announced Wednesday that a new song would come this week followed by an album three months later. At one point during the song, the singer makes the point overwhelmingly clear. "Why you gotta be so mean?"

What is Swift clapping back at, you ask? While I wanted to be supportive of Kanye on the phone call, you can not "approve" a song you haven't heard. Or does it send the message that you can rise above actions that hurt you and be successful despite what you've endured?

The song begins with Taylor's attempt at rapping, as the recent court case victor tries her best to come off as menacing. I applaud her for this as well. Enjoying your stay so far?

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