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New polls: Trump's approval down in key election states

New polls: Trump's approval down in key election states

New polls: Trump's approval down in key election states

Many Republican voters attribute the Trump administration for the stable US economy.

In Michigan, 42 percent of voters believed the U.S. economy had been strengthened under Trump, a sentiment agreed to by 45 percent of Pennsylvania voters and 41 percent of Wisconsin voters.

In Pennsylvania, 35 percent give the president's job a thumbs up (17 percent strongly), versus 54 percent who disapprove (41 percent strongly). The poll found that more than 60 percent of the participants are "embarrassed" by Trump's behavior in office, while less than 30 percent have a positive view of Trump's conduct.

The president won Wisconsin with 47.2 percent of the vote, making him the first Republican to win the state's 10 electoral college votes since 1984.

The polls were conducted between August 13-17.

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The last two weeks have sunk Trump's approval ratings, dipping below 40 percent in a trio of key states - Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and MI - which propelled him to the White House in 2016.

The majority of voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania no longer approve of the president, according to a series of polls conducted by NBC News and Marist College in NY.

Just 36 percent of MI voters approve of Trump's job performance, while 55 percent disapprove.

Six in 10 respondents also said the United States' standing in the world has suffered under Trump. Sixty-three percent in Pennsylvania said the same thing. In Michigan, 48% of voters said they would prefer a Congress controlled by Democrats, compared to 35% who said they want to see the reins remain in Republican hands.

The NBC News/Marist poll also found that in all three states, voters prefer a Democrat-controlled Congress to a Republican-controlled Congress. Voters in MI prefer a Democrat-controlled Congress by a margin of 48 to 35, while voters in Wisconsin gave Democrats an 8-point advantage and Pennsylvania voters give them a 10-point advantage. By Tuesday, Trump doubled down on his initial statements, saying "both sides" were to blame and equating left wing groups with the white supremacists they came to protest.

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