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See the New Faces Joining the Dragon Ball FighterZ Roster

See the New Faces Joining the Dragon Ball FighterZ Roster

See the New Faces Joining the Dragon Ball FighterZ Roster

Along with confirmed fighters, a story mode involving Android 16 was also revealed in the magazine that would be centered around the Android.

Developed by Arc System Works, "Dragon Ball FighterZ" is a 2.5-dimension fighting game that is based on the famous anime franchise.

While Goku and Vegeta have already been confirmed for the game previously, it seems as though the developers have allotted separate character slots for the ultra-powerful Super Saiyan Blue forms, and that is an understandable decision.

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The four characters join the existing roster of nine playable fighters that now equates to 13, although two of the four are duplicate characters. Other available characters include Freiza, Majin Boo, Cell and Gohan, among others. Android 18 is the twin sister of Android 17, and they were kidnapped and modified by Doctor Gero to fight Goku and his friends. Speaking of finishers, fans can also expect "10x God Kamehameha" for SSB Goku, "Final Flash" for SSB Vegeta and "Hell Flash" for the newly revived Android 16. Android 18 can use "Accel Dance", which is a combination attack that summons Android 17.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is scheduled for a 2018 release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Additionally, you'll get to play with up to six players for three-on-three matches when you're ready to start playing online and show off your skills. It'll be interesting to see this game and its features in action, and if you want an early taste of DBF, registration for a closed beta will begin on August 22nd and will kick-off from September 16th to September 18th.

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