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Trump Signs Order to Pursue Trade Investigation of Chinese Theft of IP

Trump Signs Order to Pursue Trade Investigation of Chinese Theft of IP

Trump Signs Order to Pursue Trade Investigation of Chinese Theft of IP

The officials said this matter, and the trade issue, are not connected. If an investigation begins, the USA government could seek remedies either through or outside of the World Trade Organization. But Trump's focus on intellectual property has been on the theft of technology and software, including so-called "forced transfers" of intellectual property as a cost of doing business in the country.

Beijing issued the order on Monday.

Trade with China helps each American family save 850 dollars every year, according to China's Ministry of Commerce.

Last week, President Trump said he was ready to unleash "fire and fury" if North Korea continued to threaten the United States.

He said the two economies are so closely linked that it's hard for the USA to find a specific industry to assail without triggering repercussions from China.

Reuters cited US senior administration officials as saying on Saturday that President Trump will order his top trade adviser on Monday to determine whether to investigate Chinese trade practices that force USA firms operating in China to turn over intellectual property. Such an investigation could easily last a year.

Tension on the Korean peninsula eased slightly on Monday as South Korea's president said resolving the North's nuclear ambitions must be done peacefully and key U.S. officials played down the risk of an imminent war with North Korea.

Moon Urges N. Korea to Stop ICBM Provocations, Return to Talks
He said that he will discuss military options if the " diplomatic and economic pressurization campaign " fails. North Korea also serves as a buffer for it against some 28,500 US servicemembers stationed in the South.

Pakistan's new PM backs sex harassment probe against Imran Khan
He said the PTI chief considers himself above the accountability process and is acting like an emperor. She reiterated that Imran had sent her the first inappropriate message in 2013.

Time to hit the shore? Storms to make way for dry weekend
That front is expected to stall on Tuesday , so a few more showers or storms will be possible on Tuesday through next Thursday . The National Weather Service in Fort Worth said Thursday will be mostly sunny with a high of 93 degrees.

Concern that North Korea is close to achieving its goal of putting the mainland United States within range of a nuclear weapon has underpinned a spike in tensions in recent months, with U.S. President Donald Trump warning at the weekend that the U.S. military was "locked and loaded" if North Korea acted unwisely.

Trump's approach to trade is being watched closely by the entertainment industry.

"China's been engaged in the theft and forced transfer of USA technologies and intellectual property for years", added Mr. Wessel, a former Democratic congressional staff member.

The latest move, opening a new front of trade friction even as the countries try to work together to contain North Korea's nuclear threat, would possibly end up as just another example to show how trade policy isn't as simple as it sounds.

But there are some fears at the studio level that a deteriorating US trade relationship with China could ultimately hinder efforts to expand theatrical releases in the massive market, among other moves. It declined to name China a currency manipulator and has delayed broader national security probes into imports of foreign steel and aluminum that could indirectly affect China.

"Even if China has problems with intellectual property rights, the use of Section 301 to punish China will make people think that the United States puts its domestic rules above global law, which will further tarnish the country's worldwide image", Zhu said.

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