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Microsoft's new payment plan makes Surface devices more affordable

Microsoft's new payment plan makes Surface devices more affordable

Microsoft's new payment plan makes Surface devices more affordable

For instance, the entry-level Surface Pro configuration with a core m3 and 4GB of RAM costs about $799, but under the Surface Plus plan, the total payment would be broken down to $33.29 per month for 24 months. "Along with the Surface laptops and Surface Studio, the 55" Surface Hub is also included. Now, Microsoft has made the full range of new Surface Pen colors available for preorder, including Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, and Black options (via MSPU).

You won't pay any interest, and will just be charged the normal price of the Surface hardware providing you opt for a 24-month payment plan - any longer than a two-year contract and interest kicks in at 19.99% April for subsequent years.

Microsoft has a new offer for their users and businesses with their new line of tablet computers - Surface. They'll still have to get a new 24-month payment plan and credit agreement from Klarna.

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced a new financing and management program that could make it easier for businesses of all sizes to deploy Surface devices.

Surface Plus for Business comes with the Microsoft Complete for Business extended service plan, and it also provides accidental damage protection.

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Surface Plus members also get what Microsoft calls "best in class" service and support from Microsoft Stores. It covers the Surface Laptop, Surface Pro, Surface Book, and Surface Studio.

The Surface Plus plan also includes dedicated service and support, and a free year of in-store support and technical assistance. That upgrade is subject to device availability and eligibility.

Another analyst, Charles King of Pund-IT, said that while the Surface financing plans will likely be popular for people in job training and professional programs where Microsoft Office is the dominant productivity platform and in schools where students use Microsoft applications, it won't appeal much to schools and students that have adopted Chromebooks and Google Docs.

Microsoft is advertising the Surface Plus program as the ideal solution for students. Upgrades allow you to get the latest Surface device after 18 months. If businesses choose the 30-month period, they can upgrade after 18 months.

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