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Did motherhood save British model from Bitcoin sex slave auction in Milan?

Did motherhood save British model from Bitcoin sex slave auction in Milan?

Did motherhood save British model from Bitcoin sex slave auction in Milan?

A 30-year-old Polish national, who lives in the United Kingdom, has been arrested on kidnapping charges, police say.

Herba, who is reported to now live in the West Midlands, is accused of luring the woman to Milan from Paris with a promise of a fake photoshoot.

In a letter sent to the victim upon her release, Black Death told her that a "mistake" had been made in capturing her.

He said the woman was to be sold to the highest bidder on deep web pornographic sites and threatened to kill her if police were notified.

When she awoke the next day, she found herself handcuffed to a wooden chest in an isolated hut near Turin.

The suspect, who has been named in reports as Lukasz Herba, dropped her off at the consulate on 17 July, police said.

They also alleged Herba had dealings in "chemicals and poisons" as he faced a pre-trial hearing before magistrate Anna Magelli in Milan on Friday. The 20-year-old has given statements to police.

A Milan court heard the woman arrived in Milan on July 11 and was seized near the central station when she was drugged with ketamine.

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He has been charged with kidnapping for the purposes of extortion.

Her kidnapper reportedly demanded €300,000 off her agent in the United Kingdom to prevent her "sale" online.

Officers are now investigating the incident after the man was captured with the model.

While it is unclear why the kidnapping came to an end, it is the reported the 20-year-old was released because she had a two-year-old child and the gang's "rules" prevent them from kidnapping and trafficking mothers.

Italian investigators are now working with their counterparts in Britain and Poland to identify any accomplices involved in the abduction.

The woman's modelling agency then contacted police and Herba reportedly negotiated a ransom for about USD$60,000 ($75,000) with them.

The Foreign Office says it is providing consular support to a British woman.

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