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2 arrested after female's body found in freezer of OH home

2 arrested after female's body found in freezer of OH home

2 arrested after female's body found in freezer of OH home

After Katrina Layton moved in last month with Arturo Novoa in Youngstown, Ohio, she began using the telephone of Novoa's missing former girlfriend, driving her auto and caring for her dog, according to a police report included in the complaint.

An Ohio prosecutor alleges a man stored his girlfriend's body in a freezer while another woman helped him and assumed the dead woman's life by moving into her home, using her credit cards and caring for her dog. Detectives are pulling Graves' dental records to compare them to the body, her sister said.

They are now being held in jail with their bond set at $1 million each.

Officials with the Cuyahoga County Coroner's Office said the body found was Shannon Elizabeth Graves, who once lived on Mahoning Avenue. Another suspect, Katrina Layton, 34, was charged with abuse of a corpse and obstruction of justice.

Authorities believe the victim is Shannon Graves, 28, Novoa's ex who was reported missing on June 22.

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He claimed to friends that Graves had left him for another man, leaving behind her auto and dog, WFMJ reported.

Youngstown City Prosecutor Dana Lantz toldBuzzFeed News that Layton became Novoa's live-in girlfriend and "started living the life of the victim".

Once Layton moved into Graves's home, she drove her vehicle, used her cellphone and used her food card, according to Lantz. They are next due in court on Monday, Lantz said, and could face additional charges once the identity of the body is confirmed.

Police were immediately alerted and recovered the frozen remains, kept in "more than one bag", according to the complaint.

Detectives are still awaiting a cause of death. So far investigators have not identified the body.

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