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Defuse border tensions through direct dialogue: Pentagon tells India, China

Defuse border tensions through direct dialogue: Pentagon tells India, China

Defuse border tensions through direct dialogue: Pentagon tells India, China

China intends to unilaterally change the status of the tri-junction with Bhutan, posing a challenge to India's security, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said on Thursday. It started after China accused India of violating border agreement saying that Indian troops had allegedly entered the Doklam region and stopped the Chinese troops from constructing a road.

No country supports India's "aggression" vis-a-vis China in the Dokalam region at the tri-junction of India, China and Bhutan, a Chinese state-run news website said in a commentary on Friday, warning that if the standoff were to be resolved by military means, India would lose to superior Chinese military might.

China has been engaging with the worldwide community to put across its stand that it is India that has been behaving aggressively in the Doklam region. The US has been "closely" following the border standoff between India and China, urging the two countries to engage in direct dialogue to reduce the tension. The minister told parliament that "both sides must pull back troops and work things out with talks" while stressing that India's action is motivated by its need to protect its security. India, she said, has the support of all countries. "There has been no hostility on the ground at Doklam despite the continued standoff", points out Kantha. The intruding Chinese troops were outflanked when helicopter-borne Indian troops dropped along the border.

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Yesterday, the Global Times published a bellicose editorial titled "Military conflicts to escalate if India refuses to withdraw troops". Conversely, Sushma said that the boundaries between India and China are yet to be finalised and the two nations will do that bilaterally through a mechanism already set up, while the same between China and Bhutan too will be done through talks. Second, India's military strength is far behind that of China. In response to a question at a regular US State Department briefing this week, spokeswoman Heather Nauert made a pro forma call for "direct dialogue aimed at reducing tensions". New Delhi has clearly signalled to China and the world that while it would stand firm on issues of its territorial integrity, it would like to end the current impasse on its borders through talks. "That is a threat to our security", she said. Unlike China, which is playing ball with India at the WTO, Pakistan has chosen to remain hostile. But a break in the crisis has to satisfy not only India and China but also Bhutan, making this a doubly hard endeavour. "We hope India won't repeat this mistake", it said.

Further, according to other reports from Beijing, former Chinese consulate general in Mumbai Liu Youfa was quoted as telling an English TV channel in China that Indian troops in Doklam have three options.

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