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A new class of carrier: Introducing the USS Gerald R. Ford

A new class of carrier: Introducing the USS Gerald R. Ford

A new class of carrier: Introducing the USS Gerald R. Ford

He praised the military members and civilians who worked on developing and building the massive ship, impressing his hope that the carrier serves as "the deterrent that keeps us from having to fight in the first place".

The U.S. Navy will commission the lead aircraft carrier of the military branch's Gerald Ford class during a ceremony that will be held Saturday at Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia.

"We will give our military the tools you need to prevent war", Mr. Trump said in March.

President Donald Trump is calling on Congress to approve higher military spending so the US can build "the best equipment".

In an interview with CBS, former Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus presented a blunt critique: "The Ford is a poster child for how you don't build a ship", Mabus said.

The one-of-a-kind control system is just one of many state-of-the-art upgrades aboard the $13 billion USS Gerald Ford thatwas commissioned into active duty on July 22 after eight years of construction, development and testing.

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The 1,100 foot super-carrier boasts the first new design in around 40 years, and features state-of-the-art navigation and weapons systems.

Naval Operations chief admiral John Richardson said: "The nation is going to be very proud of USS Gerald R. Ford".

Trump visited the $12.9 billion nuclear-powered carrier in Newport News, Virginia, to cap off the White House's "Made in America" week, a series of events created to highlight the administration's push to increase domestic manufacturing. If all of Navy's projections are realized, the service will save $4 billion in total ownership costs over the life of the ship. Ford-class carriers will operate with smaller crews than their predecessors in the Nimitz-class.

The US Navy intends to invest $43bn in the development and construction of the three new Ford-class vessels, USS Gerald R. Ford, the future USS John F. Kennedy (CVN 79) and the future USS Enterprise (CVN 80). He criticized the Obama administration for what he called a lack of investment in new military technology and shortfalls in military readiness. Compared to Nimitz-class carriers, the new Ford class vessels have more than 23 new or modified systems.

The Ford's propulsion and basic systems were tested during a first round of sea trials in recent months, but one major remaining hurdle will be to test the carrier's electromagnetic catapult's ability to launch actual aircraft.

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