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Pro-life group welcomes court ruling to let U.S. doctor examine Gard baby

Pro-life group welcomes court ruling to let U.S. doctor examine Gard baby

Pro-life group welcomes court ruling to let U.S. doctor examine Gard baby

Terminally ill child Charlie Gard has been granted USA citizenship so he can fly for life-saving treatment.

The House Committee on Appropriations unanimously approved an amendment on Tuesday that would grant British baby Charlie Gard and his parents permanent residency in the United States, according to CNN.

Gard and his family have been at the center of an global debate over whether governments can make life and death decisions for individuals. Multiple British courts in Europe have ruled that he is too weak to travel out of the country and he should be allowed to die with dignity.

Charlie's parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard, have fought for their son to get treatment outside of the United Kingdom.

"As Charlie's loving parents, we are doing the right thing for our son in exploring all treatment options".

His mum Connie Yates says he responds to them, watches videos and enjoys tickles.

Even if the US government allowed the Gards to receive medical treatment in the USA, the hospital would also have to grant the parents permission to take their baby.

The timing of the vote on Charlie's citizenship and the Senate's failure to garner support over its health care proposal was not lost on Americans.

Charlie suffers from mitochondrial depletion syndrome, a rare genetic disease that has left him brain damaged and unable to breathe unaided.

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Dr. Michio Hirano, a neurologist at Columbia University Medical Center in NY who specializes in myopathies and other neuromuscular diseases, has developed an experimental therapy that has been used on at least one American patient.

A GOSH spokesman said their position had not changed since last week, insisting Charlie has "no quality of life and no real prospect of any quality of life".

"If he's still fighting, we're still fighting", Charlie's mom, Connie Yates, declared. We are at his bedside and feel satisfied he is not suffering or in any pain.

Hirano's visit was organized during a court hearing last week after he testified the treatment was worth a try. Like Charlie, doctors had told his parents there was little chance of survival. "Eventually, the last one was Dr. Hirano in New York City".

Dr Hirano, who has claimed an experimental drug could potentially save Charlie, was given full access to Charlie's medical records and hospital and clinical facilities, including diagnostic images, for four and a half hours.

"We love him more than life itself", they said in a statement.

Doctors say his condition is incurable and his life support machine should be switched off but there's debate in the medical, legal and political worlds about how 11-month-old Charlie should be treated.

She said: "Our gorgeous baby boy is still stable".

The U.S. Congressional move may or may not help Charlie because British courts - not Charlie's parents - are deciding where he may and may not be taken.

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