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How the Taylor review could change your workplace

How the Taylor review could change your workplace

How the Taylor review could change your workplace

A report by former adviser to Tony Blair, Matthew Taylor, will recommend gig economy workers should receive benefits such as sick pay and holiday leave and be covered by some of the minimum wage requirements.

'The review calls on the Government to adopt the ambition that all work should be fair and decent with scope for fulfilment and development.

Among the other recommendations made by Taylor are greater provision of formal and informal learning opportunities and on-the-job and off-the-job activities; a more proactive approach to workplace health; and ensuring workers in low-paid sectors are not stuck at the National Living Wage, facing insecurity.

If the government chooses to follow the review's recommendations, it could have a big effect on the business practices of Silicon Valley companies.

Taxi-hailing app Uber has announced plans to increase employee benefits for its drivers in response to the United Kingdom government's report into the gig economy today.

Gig economy firms have argued frontline workers - such as drivers and couriers - are self-employed, but previous year a tribunal ruled that Uber's drivers aren't self-employed and should earn minimum wage.

Mr Taylor said the UK's performance on the quantity of work was strong, adding that now was the time to create better jobs.

"One-sided flexibility is where employers seek to transfer all risk onto the shoulder of workers in ways that make people more insecure and makes their lives harder to manage", he said.

"The main demand that people have had about platforms like Uber and Deliveroo is that people in those platforms shouldn't be treated as self-employed, which means they don't have many rights, that the employer doesn't have to pay national insurance", Taylor said.

Shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey said: "Put simply, today's Taylor report shows that Theresa May is failing working people across the country".

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- "It is our view that access to lower level of income replacement when you are unable to work through illness is a basic employment protection, comparable to the National Minimum Wage or paid holiday, and therefore should be available to all 'workers'".

The Taylor review proposed dropping "worker" status for that of "dependent contractor", in a bid to distinguish more clearly between those who are genuinely self-employed and those who are not.

"The boldness on overtime contrasts with a timid right for zero hour contract workers to request guaranteed hours, something that can all too easily be rejected by employers".

He said: The creation of a new "dependent contractor" status for gig economy workers would further complicate existing categories of how workers are defined in law.

The 115 page report makes recommendations which could impact on employment strategy for the coming decades in the United Kingdom, particularly (but certainly not exclusively) within the gig economy.

But Neil Carberry, CBI managing director for people and infrastructure, said: "Changes to the application of the minimum wage, rewriting employment status tests and altering agency worker rules could have unintended consequences that are negative for individuals, as well as affecting firms' ability to create new jobs".

It said it wanted to be able to give its workers holiday and sick pay, while still having the flexibility to not set schedules or guarantee hours.

Companies such as Uber, Deliveroo and Hermes, among others, have been in the spotlight over their employment practices.

The thrust of the interview was that worker rights would come down to being informed how they can at least earn minimum wage.

Prime Minister Theresa May tried to wrest back control of Britain's political agenda on Tuesday by reviving her pledge to introduce sweeping social reforms at the launch of a report on how to better protect workers in the "gig economy".

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