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Sensex achieves a record peak of of 31706 in historical record

Sensex achieves a record peak of of 31706 in historical record

Sensex achieves a record peak of of 31706 in historical record

Trading in the segment was stopped and stock prices failed to get updated.

Experts suggested that the exchange will cancel trades or ask traders to put re-orders for transactions done during the time, although there is no clarification on previous orders. Ministry sources told ET that Sebi has said that the glitch was largely a software issue.

The technical team of NSE is looking into the issue and market re-open time would be intimated shortly, it had said.

In a statement, SEBI said that it has directed NSE to submit a report on the matter and also the measures it plans to take to avoid such recurrences. The glitch was noticed after the NSE stock rates were not in tandem with BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) scrip prices.

At the end of the trading session, the Nifty closed 105.25 points higher at a new peak of 9,771.05.

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Mr Justice Francis oversaw a preliminary hearing in the Family Division of the High Court on Monday. The pastor, who flew in from Washington DC, said: "He is a handsome child, a wonderful child".

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The exchange made a submission to the regulator on the glitch and informed that all executed trades in cash and F&O (Futures & Options) segments remain valid.

The problem was not resolved until well into the trading session with just over an hour left in Monday's session. Volumes were at only about 6 percent of the average trading volumes seen last week, according to Thomson Reuters estimates.

BSE Sensex surged over 355 points to close at a lifetime high of 31,715.64.

The NSE, however, is by far the larger index of the two, and hence any disruption is felt more widely. Both the Nasdaq and BATS stock exchanges declared self-help against the NYSE amid the technical problems, which allows trading centers to bypass an automated trading center that is experiencing system problems. "It is a hassle".

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