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FBI Warning: Hackers Are Targeting US Nuclear Plants

FBI Warning: Hackers Are Targeting US Nuclear Plants

FBI Warning: Hackers Are Targeting US Nuclear Plants

Other energy facilities and manufacturing plants have also been targeted since May, the reports said, citing a joint report by the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

John Keeley, spokesman for the Nuclear Energy Institute, told the New York Times that nuclear facilities are required to report cyberattacks which related to "safety, security and operations", and none had reported any such issues.

Three individuals with knowledge of the government's response said Russian Federation is its main suspect, Bloomberg reported. The New York Times reported that the techniques use by the hackers in the US are similar to those of a Russian hacking group called "Energetic Bear".

The New York Times noted, however, that the security report, which they have seen, was listed as "urgent", which is the second highest level of concern for national security issues. The paper said this is the language hacking experts often often use to describe government-backed hackers.

Security officials warned that hackers appeared to be mapping out computer networks and searching for vulnerabilities to eventually disrupt the country's electrical grid and power supply, Bloomberg reported.

He agrees with official statements that the hacks have not compromised any operational systems at the nuclear plant. The Wolf Creek nuclear power plant is near Burlington, about an hour south of Topeka.

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Wolf Creeks officials reportedly said that none of their operating systems were affected and that their corporate network was different from the one used to run the plant.

The attacks appear to have used a variety of techniques to gain access to computer systems.

"There was absolutely no operational impact to Wolf Creek", Jenny Hageman, a spokeswoman for the nuclear plant, said in a statement to Bloomberg News.

"They're fully isolated. There's no way to get data into the plant from the outside without somebody doing it by hand", Gross says. The New York Times report says targets were both in the USA and in other countries.

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