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Stephen Colbert Leaks Drawings from Sean Spicer's No-Camera Press Briefing

Stephen Colbert Leaks Drawings from Sean Spicer's No-Camera Press Briefing

Stephen Colbert Leaks Drawings from Sean Spicer's No-Camera Press Briefing

Whether Spicer finally finds the sweet relief of a life away from the press or not remains to be seen, but the entire administration has proven itself newly camera-averse, recently banning video footage from press briefings.

"Everyone understands why there are more off-camera briefings and it's seen as a short term solution, a transitional thing", the source said. And if a press secretary answers a question without a TV camera present, yes, he still answered a question.

"The briefing is one small part of what this extensive staff does to engage the media", Spicer said.

"Televised briefings had been a near-daily occurrence for decades", the group said.

But the White House Correspondents' Association has come out against changes for the briefings, CBS News reported. Acosta asked in a press briefing on Monday.

This matters. Not only is it it a break with long-held tradition, it's also an attempt by the Trump White House to kill off the daily briefing - or, at least, fundamentally weaken its relevance - through benign neglect.

Now that some press briefings have been off-limits to live broadcasts, Stephen Colbert was left to imagine the goings on at some of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's briefings.

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A second source close to the administration confirmed the plan and said White House staffers are on board - for now.

On the other hand, TV does inspire lots of reporters, both TV and otherwise, to preen for the cameras and ask questions whose main function is to hear themselves talk and to get on TV. You are a taxpayer-funded spokesman for the United States government. "Can we address the cameras issue?"

You can listen to the audio of yesterday's press briefing below.

"There appears to be no more substance in Spicer's answers when the cameras are off versus when they are on". Jeff Mason, the president of the WHCA, met with Spicer and his deputy, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, last week.

"I prefer the spokesman ignore the room", the source said. The fight also allows reporters to argue even further that the media should take an adversarial role with politicians to hold them accountable, and that anything less than full transparency is a danger to an informed public.

"The President is optimistic that Republicans will live up to the promise that they've been making to the American people for seven years by repealing and replacing Obamacare", she said.

The source who consults the administration agreed. "We need the glitz and the Hollywood - he's a showman".

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