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Nintendo unveiled SNES Classic console, to be released later this year

Nintendo unveiled SNES Classic console, to be released later this year

Nintendo unveiled SNES Classic console, to be released later this year

However, Nintendo has told Kotaku that the situation will be better this time, albeit with a big caveat. Yes, Nintendo has confirmed to IGN that the SNES Classic Edition's controller cord is about two feet longer than the NES Classic Edition's. The games are all internal, and we hope, like the Classic Edition NES, you can save at any time. A USB wall wart to power the SNES Mini Classic - if your TV doesn't have enough free USB ports - will cost you $19.95.

The NES Classic Mini should have been a home run for Nintendo- and if the intent was to generate some awareness and buzz around the Nintendo brand again, then I guess it was.

Still, it's nice to see Nintendo acknowledge the shortcomings of its last plug-and-play device.

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After revealing the Star Fox 2's inclusion in the SNES Classic earlier today, Nintendo released a new piece of art for the game promoting it's inclusion on the system. Other notable titles include "Donkey Kong Country", "Super Mario Kart", "Mega Man X", "Secret of Mana", and "Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars".

Nintendo said in a statement it would produce "significantly more units" of the SNES Classic than it did of the NES, but that it was only planning to ship those units until the end of calendar year 2017. You'll actually have to unlock Star Fox 2 as a bonus game by finishing the first level of the original Star Fox.

At launch there will be two different versions of the console. After the massive popularity of the NES Classic and its sudden discontinuation only a few months after it launched, fans speculated that the SNES Classic was on the horizon. We smell a SNES Mini stock crisis already, mostly because after Christmas you won't be able to buy one. Even though they will not be supplying the newly announced SNES Classic for a long time, they did state that it was being offered "In special recognition of the fans who show tremendous interest [in] our classic content." .

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