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Panic as 'terrifying' eight-foot shark spotted in Magaluf sea

Panic as 'terrifying' eight-foot shark spotted in Magaluf sea

Panic as 'terrifying' eight-foot shark spotted in Magaluf sea

However, in news that those with a phobia of sharks and open waters will find highly distressing, an eight-foot shark has been caught after scaring swimmers out of the sea in Mallorca. The area was monitored for several hours after the incident to make sure the shark did not reappear, before beachgoers were allowed back in the water.

Lifeguards on jet skis helped kids on dinghies and from an inflatable water park near where the shark was spotted to safety as colleagues ran along the shoreline blowing on whistles and ordering swimmers out of the water.

An aquarium worker said a hook was found inside its mouth "which caused it irreversible damage".

On Friday a beach in Valencia, eastern Spain, was closed after a shark sighting.

Lifeguards pulled it out from the waters and handed it over to wildlife experts in the nearby Palma aquarium.

South Africa prison authorities apologise after scantily-clad women entertain inmates
The department said rehabilitation initiatives of entertainment were often held for the inmates. He went on to say that 13 officers will be suspended as a result of the incident.

A historic celebration of freedom
Joe Turner, a mentor with MEM, said the organization exemplifies Juneteenth's theme this year "Unity in the Community". We owe so much to General Granger and the news he brought to Galveston on the day we now call Juneteenth.

Trump under investigation for possible obstruction of justice
The notion was dismissed by senior White House aides later Monday evening, who said that Ruddy does not speak for the president. He added that he believes it would be a mistake to fire Mueller, but said the "the basis of his investigation is flim-flam".

A spokesman said it had been given a sedative to minimise its suffering before being put down. "Afterwards, it is euthanized to minimize suffering, stress and to provide it with a dignified death", he said. It was located and captured by Sunday afternoon, according to the Guardian.

She added: "What a pity that they have to come so close because we're destroying their ecosystem and they have to survive".

Last month a blue shark was believed to be responsible for an attack that left a bather wounded on the Spanish island of Ibiza.

The fish is thought to have moved close to the shore after becoming disorientated before vanishing after swimming back out to sea.

Blue sharks primarily eat fish and squid and it is very rare they attack humans.

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