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Flight to Houston diverted after disruptive passenger

A flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Houston stopped in Corpus Christi, Texas, Sunday to remove a "disruptive passenger", according to an airline.

Cleveland Independent School District Police identified the off-duty officer who detained the woman as Pamela Minchew, who had joined the police force only two weeks earlier.

The crew had to make an emergency landing in Corpus Christi after an incident with a passenger.

Cell phone video taken by a passenger shows a woman dragged by her belt by officers while she is walking backward down an aisle.

CCIA officials say their public safety officers were in contact with the Southwest pilot to assist the passenger off the plane. "She ended up breaking it off", Mokwuah said.

Daniel Gonzales said on Twitter: "I'm on this flight!"

A disruptive passenger was dragged off a Southwest Airlines flight after she tried to open the emergency exit (pictured, left and right). "Fearing for her safety and the safety of everyone on the plane, she took action and was able to restrain the passenger", Evans said.

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The woman refused to stay in her seat and yelled about being treated unfairly by the government, several passengers said.

After a 5-hour delay in Corpus Christi, it arrived safely in Houston.

"She was still allowed on the plane".

It is undersood the passenger was questioned by authorities but has not been formally charged.

"The rest of the passengers cheered when the off-duty officer came back on board", after the woman was removed, Gillentine told the newspaper. "If she hadn't acted so quickly, things could have gone very differently".

The FBI is investigating the incident and the woman is in custody, KRIS local news reported.

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