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Trump questions Obama's response to 'election meddling by Russian Federation

Trump questions Obama's response to 'election meddling by Russian Federation

Trump questions Obama's response to 'election meddling by Russian Federation

President Donald Trump is faulting his predecessor's handling of Russia's meddling in the 2016 election.

The committee had set a Friday deadline for the White House to say whether the president had recordings of his conversions with Comey, as Trump has suggested. The president has repeatedly called the probe a "witch hunt" and a "phoney story".

Manchin, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, says he continues to feel confident in the USA intelligence community.

President Trump criticized his predecessor for allegedly doing "nothing" about reports that Russian Federation interfered in last year's presidential campaign, in a recent interview. Specifically, the Post report said that intelligence highlighted Russian President Vladimir Putin's direct involvement in cyberattacks aimed at damaging Trump's campaign opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Putin's visit came after the US Treasury Department on Tuesday blacklisted 38 individuals and entities and two Russian government officials for their alleged roles in the Ukrainian crisis.

"Since the Obama Administration was told way before the 2016 Election that the Russians were meddling, why no action?"

The Washington Postis providing a detailed account of the Obama administration's struggle with Russian hacking into the 2016 presidential election.

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"Wow, did we mishandle this", a former administration official told the newspaper.

The bill passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, but Trump administration officials have been working to weaken the House version.

Obama took modest measures at the end of December, expelling 35 Russians and adding to existing sanctions. Obama also authorized the planting of cyberweapons in Russia's infrastructure in a measure that was still in its planning stages when he left office, according to The Post report. They believe that Moscow pulled back on any possible plans to sabotage U.S. voting operations.

U.S. investigators are looking into whether Russian cyber hackers targeted United States electoral systems to help Mr Trump win. And I am very skeptical of what they're doing, their intentions.

Trump expanded on his criticism of Obama in an interview with Fox & Friends, scheduled to air Sunday.

Tony Blinken, Obama's former national security adviser, defended the previous administration's response Friday to CNN, saying Obama took action to protect the electoral system itself from interference by the Russians. "Look, there has been no obstruction". The administration did not impose sanctions on Russian Federation until late December 2017, some five months after the CIA's intelligence report was hand-delivered to the White House, according to the Post.

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