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Triple H Invites Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor to Appear on WWE Raw

Triple H Invites Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor to Appear on WWE Raw

Triple H Invites Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor to Appear on WWE Raw

"So the Mayweather vs McGregor fight, people can say what they want, but it'll be entertaining".

"I've accomplished everything", continued Mayweather. Which is set to take place September 16, live from at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

There have been many rumored or suggested boxer versus MMA fighter bouts over the years, including Anderson Silva vs. Roy Jones, Stipe Miocic vs. Anthony Joshua and a host of others.

Having taken enormous numbers of fans with him overseas on many occasions to watch him fight, he knows a thing or two about how the build-up to the big fights unfold.

McCain: Americans 'stupid' to still want to travel to NKorea
But after his return home to OH last week, doctors said they suspected his condition had been caused by cardiopulmonary arrest. His father, Fred Warmbier, said last week he believed Otto had been fighting for months to stay alive to return to his family.

New York Times sues FBI to get notes of Comey-Trump talks
Schiff said he wants the White House to acknowledge the tapes or make clear there are no tapes and "it was an idle threat". But Mr Rosenstein, too, may ultimately have to end his oversight, given his role in Mr Trump's decision to fire Mr Comey.

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Flynn is one of several people connected to Trump who is alleged to have had improper communications with the Kremlin. The FBI also spent more than a year investigation Clinton and her use of a private email system before clearing her .

I thought I had him figured out when I said Manny Pacquiao was easy money for him, and that when they fight, Manny won't be Mayweather's toughest fight by a long shot. "I'm more experienced. That fight motivated me". However, I sold him short.

Ballengee claims Nate "unexpectedly" fired them - and never paid them their cut for the UFC 202 fight, which was reportedly the biggest UFC pay-per-view ever at the time.

"There's a saying, you know, first things first", Alvarez told a small group of reporters through a translator Tuesday night in Manhattan. "Correct, I have not ducked anyone since I was 15 years of age".

McGregor goes into the fight with zero boxing experience and all the confidence of the entire human race. "But to make people watch a 12 round snoozer is not good for boxing". And on top of that, I think McGregor will be able to claim victory after the event. Mayweather laughs at that and says...."I'm 40-years old, haven't fought in two years and just beat the best fighter in MMA". One thing Conor McGregor is, is entertaining, and it's amusing that you say it's sports entertainment. "So many fighters, like myself, like Canelo [Alvarez], like [Oscar] De Le Hoya that couldn't lay a glove on him, I can't see it for Conor".

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