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GTA 5 machinima depicts Rockstar and Take-Two killing OpenIV mods

The developer of the popular Grand Theft Auto modding software OpenIV, has received a cease and desist letter from publisher Take-Two Interactive. We apologize for any and all problems [our program] has caused to the Grand Theft Auto Online community. As a result, people would often look for more ways to make the game interesting, and the most popular feature that gamers found was being able to create mods, especially for "GTA V". Rather than take Take-Two to court, the creators of OpenIV made a decision to stop working on and distributing the tool.

Here's Take-Two's official statement, as given to PC Gamer: "Take-Two's actions were not specifically targeting single player mods". Similarly, the overall all-time rating for the extremely popular game has become "Mixed" due to Take-Two's controversial move as well.

Menyoo's website also has an apology listed in place of all previous content. Menyoo will also be donating earnings to charity, though it is waiting on Take-Two to choose one first.

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The reaction is expected as many have been using the modding tool for years now. In response, Rockstar and Take Two have taken more of a bottom-up approach to protect the online gameplay experience, removing ill-gotten cash from accounts in a massive October sweep. And while keeping hackers out is important to the interests of fair play, GTA Online's use of microtransactions means hacks that can generate infinite in-game money impact a market that's reportedly worth half a billion dollars to Take Two. At the time of writing, only 13% of the 39,936 reviews offered in the last 30 days have been positive.

Take-Two sent a cease-and-desist letter to the developers behind the OpenIV modding tool. Since the posting and ban of OpenIV, fans have posted negative reviews on the GTA 5 Steam Store page. Also, a petition on change.org to retrieve the tool has already gathered more than 45,000 signatures.

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