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Megyn Kelly says important to 'shine a light' on Alex Jones

The family of Vicki Soto, a teacher killed in the shooting, said they were "disgusted and disappointed" by Kelly's decision to air the interview with Jones.

Clinton castigated Kelly for conducting the interview. She also noted that Infowars has a White House press credential.

Kelly: What do you mean?

Kelly herself actually responded to the criticism.

Márquez-Greene then posted a photo of her slain daughter, encouraging Kelly to "say her name" and "stare at this & tell me it's worth" airing Jones' interview.

The conspiracy theorist may not be a household name yet, but he has hundreds of thousands of followers who hang on every lying, sensationalistic word.

"Giving him a platform would mean he goes unchallenged, and that's not the case in any way", Cole said. Kelly could pause when he makes a false statement, to debunk a person who has so enthusiastically mislead the public on so many fronts.

In a video tease for the interview Tweeted by Kelly, she asks Jones about multiple conspiracy theories that he has promoted, including the claims about Sandy Hook. NBC has not yet commented on the interview.

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The network could use the opportunity to give its viewers context that explains where a figure like Jones has arisen from.

After his interview had been taped, Jones denounced it on "InfoWars" as "fake news, in my view".

During the interview, which was slated to air June 18, Kelly broached the topic of Sandy Hook with Jones. "He's really hurting people", said the mother. But Kelly apparently didn't realize that neither Rose nor Oprah Winfrey would ever deign to give someone like Jones the time of day, much less an opportunity to share his toxic message on TV with millions of viewers.

He's the main reason your otherwise pleasant uncle starts saying at Thanksgiving dinner that 9/11 was an inside job, Hillary Clinton ran a child sex ring out of a pizzeria, and most disgustingly that the Sandy Hook massacre was faked by Barack Obama with child actors. Kelly will interview known conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Jones: Oh, I know. But given the difficulty in pinning down Jones on the facts, the best way to inform a radio or television audience about Jones isn't to build a segment around a high-profile interview with him - it's to interview his victims.

But family members of the victims of the 2012 mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School have protested the move, blaming Jones for promoting the idea that the tragedy was a hoax.

"Oh, I know, they don't get angry about the half million dead Iraqis from the sanctions", Jones says.

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