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Trump rubbishes Comey's claims, says willing to respond under oath

Trump rubbishes Comey's claims, says willing to respond under oath

Trump rubbishes Comey's claims, says willing to respond under oath

President Trump and Romanian President Iohannis at Rose Garden press conference, June 9, 2017. "Perhaps you should pay some or all of that money back", Trump said repeating an excerpt of his own speech. White House staffers like Press Secretary Sean Spicer have defended Trump's speech in the weeks since, insisting the commitment was clear, even if the exact words weren't said. However, Trump has long criticized the coalition and has repeatedly called on other members to live up to their financial contributions to the US -dominated security infrastructure in Europe.

US President Donald Trump punched back Friday against James Comey, accusing the ousted Federal Bureau of Investigation director of lying about their private conversations - and saying he is "100 percent" willing to testify under oath.

Trump agreed Wednesday not to directly engage on Comey, and by the time the ousted Federal Bureau of Investigation director took the witness stand, tweeting "was not something he was considering", one senior White House official said.

Earlier this week, Vice President Mike Pence was deployed to clean up the diplomatic carnage Trump left behind in Brussels.

Trump's statement came as surrogates fanned out to defend the president and his personal lawyer was preparing to file a "complaint" early next week over Comey's testimony to the Department of Justice's Inspector General's Office and the Senate Judiciary Committee, according to a person close to the legal team.

Mr Trump wouldn't rule out a previous claim that there may be tapes of his conversations with Comey.

The House intelligence committee sent a letter Friday asking White House counsel Don McGahn whether any tape recordings or memos of Comey's conversations with the president exist now or had existed in the past.

"One hundred percent. I didn't say, under oath, I hardly know the man".

White House tries to regroup, but Trump isn't helping
White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Tuesday President Donald Trump's tweets are indeed official statements. At this time it's not clear which of the president's twitter handles the White House will consider official.

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Their eyes on GOP agenda and elections, many Republicans appear unshaken by Comey's testimony about Trump.

The White House has seized on Comey's confirmation that Trump personally was not under investigation over his ties to Russian Federation to declare a victory of sorts.

"I'll tell you about that maybe sometime soon", he said.

Trump was reportedly expected to include a commitment to Article 5 in an address to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members last month.

So for now, the score for extracting an Article 5 commitment from Trump is: Romanian journalist 1, NATO Alliance 0.

Sen. Susan Collins, a moderate Republican, said Congress needs to obtain any tapes the president might have of his dealings with the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director. This first state visit from a European Union head of state during the Trump Administration demonstrates the key importance of the U.S. -Romania relationship.

"Yes, I was on Judiciary Cmte that impeached Clinton/sent him for trial in the Senate for matters less serious than the ones before us now", Inglis tweeted Friday.

He said that he'd carefully documented his interactions with Trump because he anxious Trump would misrepresent them, and accused the administration of spreading "lies, plain and simple" about the reasons for his firing. "No I didn't say that". Karl: So, if Robert Mueller wanted to speak to you about that, you would-Trump: I would be glad to tell him exactly what I just told you.

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