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Tehran attackers were Iranians, committed terror attacks in Raqqa, Mosul

Crowds who gathered behind a lorry carrying the coffins of 15 of the 17 victims shouted "Death to America", "Death to the Saud" ruling family, and "We are not afraid", after attacks on Wednesday shook the capital. Terrorist group ISIL has claimed responsibility for both attacks. Foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called the White House comments "repugnant" and accused the USA of supporting terror.

On Thursday, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif criticized the language and rejected the condolences on Twitter.

It said they returned to Iran in August under the command of an IS leader and escaped when authorities initially broke up their extremist cell.

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"Our country always follows the course of preserving peace and stability in the region", said the Iranian embassy, noting that yesterday's terror attacks can be described as a reflection of the concern of enemies of peace in the region.

"Terror-sponsoring despots threaten to bring the fight to our homeland", he said in another tweet. Iran is a majority-Shiite nation, and the Islamic State is a Sunni group that often targets Shiite Muslims. Iran also has been fiercely opposed to the militant group. Their statement, according to a Financial Times translation and annotation, read: "This terrorist act took place a week after a joint meeting between the United States president and head of a reactionary regional country [Saudi Arabia] which has been a constant supporter of terrorism". Tehran has also propped up Iraq's fight against ISIS, advising Baghdad's predominantly Shiite forces and militias in the battle to recapture cities such as Tikrit and Ramadi.

A boy is evacuated during an attack on the Iranian parliament in central Tehran, Iran. The reports said Iran's security forces neutralized one terrorist, another one committed suicide.

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