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IOS 11 Brings FLAC File Support to iPhones and iPads

Apple just unveiled iOS 11 and its slew of exciting new features. We got the HomePod, macOS High Sierra, watchOS 4, iOS 11, and updates for MacBooks and iMacs.

- Apple previewed the new iOS 11 mobile operating system at the company's annual conference June 5-9 in San Jose, Calif. Apple ramps up the options in the iOS 11 update with tweaks and new features for iMessages.

Apple also now offers Messages in iCloud.

It isn't yet clear how much Apple will charge for its own smart speaker.

Mind you, this isn't the only lossless file format to operate using Apple's services. But that doesn't mean you can't sign up for the beta program. With iOS 11, it appears Apple is finally allowing that to happen.

Trump rubbishes Comey's claims, says willing to respond under oath
Earlier this week, Vice President Mike Pence was deployed to clean up the diplomatic carnage Trump left behind in Brussels. So for now, the score for extracting an Article 5 commitment from Trump is: Romanian journalist 1, NATO Alliance 0.

Cavs not looking to slow down pace of Finals with Warriors
Durant said he can feel the impact Golden State's third-quarter runs have had in sapping the will from their rivals. Kevin Love averages 21 points and 14 rebounds.

What happened in Bill Cosby's sexual-assault trial
Bill Cosby arrived for the third day of his sexual assault trial accompanied by one of his co-stars from his 1970s movie run. Constand did file a lawsuit in 2005 shortly after prosecutors initially decided not to bring a case against Cosby.

If someone does text you while you're driving, the phone can respond with an automatic message telling them you're driving and can't respond just now. A lot of cool new features and products to look forward to for Apple users. "It will reinvent home audio", boasted Apple CEO Tim Cook. The most widely known example of augmented reality is Pokemon Go, which features a mode that lets players see virtual Pokemon creatures as if the characters are actually standing in front of them.

Users will now be able to share the Wi-Fi passwords in iOS 11, something that not even Android can boast of.

A first-time offender issued a ticket for texting while driving faces a fine of $200-400. And that's where things get really exciting.

In a few minutes of - by Apple's standards - blazingly fast keynoting, Apple exec Craig Federighi followed up the new iPad Pro's intro by smashing away the last low-hanging fruit from the iPad experience, with the relish of a particularly fired-up baseball star going for the mother of all home runs. It's fantastic for gaming, design, and in some other areas, but it's not something that will see widespread adoption for the average consumer anytime soon. Google Glass was a poor implementation that was years ahead of its time, but this type of product will indeed proliferate in the years ahead.

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