White House tries to regroup, but Trump isn't helping

White House tries to regroup, but Trump isn't helping

White House tries to regroup, but Trump isn't helping

President Donald Trump's tweets look nothing like the statements customarily made by commanders in chief.

Lots of us speak our mind freely on social media, but when the leader of the free world does it, bypassing long-standing channels of communication, it creates a stir.

"For context - because he's president - all of Trump's Tweets should be mocked up in the correct presidential statement format".

This request brings up some novel legal questions: Is access to a president's tweets and the information they contain comparable to a public town hall, despite the fact that they are being posted on a private account?

Republican leaders in Congress and even White House aides have long sought to downplay the president's Twitter musings, but that is becoming more hard as Trump on Twitter seems to be the most authentic version of the president Americans have access to.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Tuesday President Donald Trump's tweets are indeed official statements.

So the White House's decision to effectively hand off rapid response duties on Thursday to the Republican National Committee seemed like a way of cutting the unpredictable Trump voice out of the conversation as James Comey, the fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director, testified on his interactions with the President. "I think it's frankly refreshing". Unable to wrestle away the president's cellphone, Team Trump's newest tactic is to suggest the president's tweets are unimportant, even as they tout social media as the president's link to the masses. Everyone's been telling Trump not to tweet, and he continues to tweet, and so I think it's important to take him seriously, even if not literally.

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That is a reality that the White House staff, who, by the way, are the only ones urging Trump to tweet less, needs to come to grips with.

He believes that would cut down on the backlash the president seems to get on an nearly constant basis.

At this time it's not clear which of the president's twitter handles the White House will consider official. Fifty-one percent said he uses Twitter too much, up from just 37 percent in December.

Despite the assurances about Mr Spicer's future, White House officials have also previously suggested he may do fewer on camera briefings in future.

If Trump doesn't reverse the blocks or answer the letter, the Knight Institute says his administration should prepare for "legal action to protect the First Amendment rights of blocked individuals". Requests for comment from the White House weren't immediately returned. But most of us are not the president.

The Morning Consult/Politico survey was also taken before Trump started an online tiff with London Mayor Sadiq Khan over his handling of the most recent terror attack to rock London.

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