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Afghanistan bombing: 10 killed in blast outside Herat mosque

Afghanistan bombing: 10 killed in blast outside Herat mosque

Afghanistan bombing: 10 killed in blast outside Herat mosque

Afghanistan's beleaguered president, Ashraf Ghani, will host an global conference Tuesday in a fresh bid to develop "wider consensus" on how to end an increasingly deadly conflict in the country and collectively fight cross-border terrorism.

The president also used the opportunity to lash out at Pakistan and accused it of unleashing an "undeclared war of aggression" against Afghanistan. "And today we are demanding that the world make good on this promise".

"Special" Corps Commanders Conference presided over by Chief of the Army Staff (COAS), General Qamar Javed Bajwa has called for Afghanistan to introspect and not allege Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism. No injuries have been reported so far.

Underscoring the growing insecurity, a motorcycle bomb exploded near the Grand Mosque in the western city of Herat, killing seven people and wounding 16 according to the interior ministry.

"I am pleased to see the will and determination of the Afghan government to hold the Kabul Initiative for Peace and Security Cooperation conference at a time when a dark week in the history of Afghanistan has just passed". All this is to say that in this backdrop when anger was boiling against Afghan high-ups, a peace moot was planned in Kabul and the USA administration was about to announce its new Afghan policy, one can easily understand whose interests these attacks have served. "If the Taliban wants to join peace talks, the Afghan government will allow them to open an office, but this is their last chance".

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, center, and delegates stand for the national anthem during the so-called Kabul Process conference at the Presidential Palace in Kabul, Afghanistan, Tuesday, June 6, 2017.

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There are already 8,000 US troops in Afghanistan.

The Taliban denied involvement in the attack, but Afghan intelligence said in a statement they believe the Haqqani Network, a Pakistani group aligned with the Taliban, was behind it. Twenty people died in that attack.

"Afghanistan is now doing badly both in the fighting and in its civilian politics, governance, and poverty", Anthony Cordesman, a defence analyst with the Washington-based Center For Strategic and International Studies, said in a report on Monday. Since playing blame game without finding a solution to the problem is increasing acrimony between the two countries. The situation becomes murkier as Afghan Taliban have categorically stated that they had nothing to do with these attacks and instead they condemned them.

Expressing concern over the blasts, like Noor, Salahuddin Rabbani said, "We will soon announce our position towards terrorists within the system".

The iconic Afghan jihadi figure returned to Kabul last month, nearly 20 years after he fled the country during its brutal civil war era.

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