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Warriors Beat Cavs to Take 2-0 Finals Series Lead

Tell me it's disrespectful, that it's reactionary, that it's making the same mistake as a year ago, when the Cleveland Cavaliers were in this same spot going back to Cleveland down 0-2. "Running around with Steph and chasing Klay and chasing Steph and constantly having to be on alert, it takes a lot out of you offensively", Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said of Irving.

Already 2-0 down in the series, James got a little testy when asked if Cleveland had to defend home court in the next two games.

It was easy to dismiss that out of hand coming into the playoffs. The team continued its winning streak and won each of their 11 games.

It's a question that any typical sports fan ponders at least once in their lifetime: "How much would I pay to see my favorite team compete in a championship?" Since when do we actually act like it matters? Kerr's illness and absence showed how vital he was to the team's success.

Well, the Warriors rested and tinkered and experimented and goofed around in the regular season and still managed to win 67 games. Durant is shooting 60% from the floor and 52% from three in his last four games; Curry is hitting on 46% from the floor and 45% from three in the series so far after shooting at just a 40% clip past year; and even Thompson snapped out of his prolonged slump in Game 2 to hit on 4-of-7 threes.

The Warriors, on the other hand, have gotten key contributions from their four All-Stars: Curry, Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, as well as from players like Livingston, Andre Iguodala and Zaza Pachulia at times to set an National Basketball Association record with 14 straight postseason wins. One more playoff win, three fewer playoff loses, two fewer losses total. "Those are the plays that kind of put you over the top, the plays that just bring life into a team". He's one of the greatest to play this game.

"He loves those Harleys", said Warriors forward Draymond Green. But greatness has never had qualifications before. It started with getting to the basket early and taking good shots. "We'll keep it rolling, and hopefully, we'll keep playing well". He was too good for his own good. Their opponents were weak?

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The Warriors don't get to decide who they play. And they've beaten them, fourteen consecutive times. The best pure scorer on the planet and probably the second-best basketball player in the world doesn't make the Warriors complete; he makes it near-impossible for other teams to compete.

Against the Warriors, any mistake can be life-threatening. But imagine if we were to have lost one?

Then splash. Splash. And more splash.

But if they don't lose in Cleveland?

LeBron James had powerfully dragged the Cleveland Cavaliers into a competitive fight on Sunday night, but for a chance at an upset, he needed a sliver of help in the final eight minutes to take this series back to Cleveland tied.

Even if you do make it into the building, parking costs more than just an outrageous $50 fee - you have to deal with impatient drivers and a wait time that can last nearly as long as the game itself. Between both starting squads, Smith has easily been the worst player on the floor.

James, who said the addition of Kevin Durant to the Warriors line-up this season made them a "different team", declined to reveal why he did not attend a formal news conference after the game. "We play that same game in Cleveland, there's no way we win".

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