Jerry Seinfeld says 'no thanks' to hug from Kesha

Jerry Seinfeld says 'no thanks' to hug from Kesha

Jerry Seinfeld says 'no thanks' to hug from Kesha

Some people who wrote "Who is Kesha" genuinely didn't know who the singer was, others were commenting about Seinfeld not knowing who she was. Seinfeld still didn't even know who Kesha was after the incident.

If you're in need of a hug, Jerry Seinfeld is probably the last person you should ask.

Seinfeld thanked her and Kesha asked, "Can I give you a hug?"

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The singer wanted a hug from the comedian, but Seinfeld repeatedly declined and backed off. But unfortunately, Kesha was left disappointed when Seinfeld refused. Seinfeld looked taken back and said, "No, thanks".

Kesha, however, did get a consolation hug from musician Ben Folds. "That's Kesha", says the interviewer. When he found out, he said he wished her the best. I lost shoes and drove hours over state lines on school nights to catch a glimpse of this legend. We're a fan of someone famous and when we're able to meet them in real life, it sometimes doesn't go the way we planned. If there was an award for the 2017 cringe comedy moment of the year, this would be a strong contender.

Serenity now. gifs of a rejected Kesha forever.

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