Girl, 8, Banned From Soccer Game For Looking Like Boy

Girl, 8, Banned From Soccer Game For Looking Like Boy

Girl, 8, Banned From Soccer Game For Looking Like Boy

Tournament organizers insisted Mili, who prefers to keep her hair short, was a boy - and they could not be persuaded otherwise.

A Nebraska family says they are angry over the way a soccer tournament treated their 8-year-old daughter's team.

Milli's skill allows her to play alongside 11-year-olds even though she is younger. And she likes it that way. Her father, Gerardo Hernandez, couldn't be more proud.

This past weekend she helped lead her club team, Omaha's Azzuri Cachorros, to the Springfield Soccer Club girls tournament final, but her team ended up getting disqualified. He continued: "She was crying after they told us..."

Mili's parents showed tournament officials an insurance card that shows Mili is a girl, but tournament officials wouldn't accept the card. When she grows up, she wants to be a soccer player - in high school, then college, then in the pros, her brother, Cruz, told The Post.

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"They only did it because I look like a boy", Mili told WOWT 6 News.

The Springfield Soccer Association claims Mili's appearance wasn't the issue - a misprint in a team roster caused the confusion. "They don't have a reason to kick the whole club out", Hernandez pointed out with logic so simple even a referee can understand. Mili is an exuberant girl who loves soccer and her short haircut. The officials also disqualified her team. She's looking forward to playing soccer again-albeit in different tournaments.

"They didn't want to listen".

Springfield Soccer Club organizers declined comment to WOWT 6 News, instead directing requests to their attorney.

"There's other tournaments that I can play", she said. They don't deserve to be disqualified for not fitting some outdated, sexist notion of what makes someone "look like" a girl.

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