Bernie Sanders 'impressed' by United Kingdom candidate Jeremy Corbyn

Bernie Sanders 'impressed' by United Kingdom candidate Jeremy Corbyn

Bernie Sanders 'impressed' by United Kingdom candidate Jeremy Corbyn

The UK Labour party leader has received an important boost from the Vermont senator and leading American progressive Bernie Sanders, who faced off against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic party primaries previous year.

The Ipsos MORI poll put the Conservatives on 45%, down four points from a comparable survey on 18 May, with Labour up 6 points to 40 percent.

The Labour leader said it was "staggering" that pensioners had not been told at what level social care costs would be capped or how many elderly people would lose the winter fuel payment, worth up to £300.

Ukip member Abigail Eatock won loud applause as she told the PM: "You said you wouldn't call an election and you did".

"I deplore racism in any form whatsoever", he said. "But this is an important moment for our country, we've got to get it right", she said.

May defended her failure to set out additional details, even though the policy is blamed for reducing the Conservatives' lead in the polls in the past fortnight.

But Mr Corbyn insisted Labour had a "great team of very experienced people" who could be trusted to negotiate Brexit, insisting that the United Kingdom would "not necessarily be poorer" following withdrawal. "I think I can trust Keir Starmer with negotiations more than some other people who are undertaking those negotiations", he said.

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THERESA May is on course to return to Downing Street with a 60-seat majority, a poll reveals today.

"The most likely outcome here is a Tory (Conservative) victory, but a Tory victory no longer certain of an increased majority", she said.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd represented the Conservatives in that debate, with the prime minister saying she preferred to meet voters than "squabbling" politicians.

Doubts about Hammond's future have mounted since he had to reverse plans to raise payroll taxes for self-employed workers just days after presenting his first annual budget in March, while Rudd has played a highly visible role in the election.

"You are refusing to take part in debates, refusing to answer people's questions, refusing to talk to Jeremy Corbyn".

"And I believe they should have a prime minister with a resolute determination to carry out their will".

"We've been open about that, and I've also been open that there will be some
hard choices to be made in addressing those various challenges".

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