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India, Spain reiterate support for Paris accords

India, Spain reiterate support for Paris accords

India, Spain reiterate support for Paris accords

The Paris decision has deeply divided the Administration, with internationalists, such as Tillerson, arguing that it would be beneficial to the United States to remain part of negotiations and worldwide meetings surrounding the agreement, as a matter of leverage and influence.

In his first major address on climate, Mr Guterres said the world must fulfill the commitments of the 2015 agreement "with increased ambition".

It also aims to strengthen the ability of countries to deal with the impacts of climate change and calls for scaled up financial flows, a new technology framework and an enhanced capacity-building framework to support action by developing countries and the most vulnerable countries in line with their own national objectives.

News of Trump's expected decision drew swift reaction from the United Nations. China has overtaken the U.S.in transitioning to renewable energy, generating a fifth of its electricity from renewable sources.

"Canada is going to show leadership with China and the European Union and we certainly hope the USA will be joining us", McKenna said.

While Trump and Pence have suggested the possibility of renegotiating the agreement, the leaders of Italy, Germany and France have said that won't happen. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, tweeted that if Trump does leave the accord, he would have "no choice but to depart councils" on which he has advised the President in the past.

As the USA flirts with fleeing the Paris climate-change accord, Canada is aligning itself with the world's other two largest economies to take a global leadership role in the effort to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Withdrawing would leave the United States as one of just three countries outside the agreement.

Supporters of the climate pact are concerned that a U.S. exit could lead other nations to weaken their commitments or also withdraw, softening an accord that scientists have said is critical to avoiding the worst impacts of climate change. The official, who is involved in preparing the meeting between European Union officials and China's premier, was not authorized to speak publicly and discuss the matter on condition of anonymity because the meeting statement was not finalized.

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A small team was deciding if they should formally withdraw, which could take years, or exit the United Nations climate change treaty. In his first major speech on climate change since assuming charge as the head of the United Nations this January, Guterres bluntly warned the global community that the "world is in a mess" and the impact of climate change could affect food production, water security and weather patterns "from Canada to India".

Further in his remarks, the Secretary-General cautioned that failure to act on combating climate change would in turn harm the countries themselves for their inaction. "And climate solutions provide opportunities that are unmatchable", he said.

But House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California called it "a stunning abdication of American leadership and a grave threat to our planet's future".

Trump claimed before taking office that climate change was a "hoax" created by the Chinese to hurt the USA economy, an assertion that stands in defiance of broad scientific consensus.

"We got to get him to read it", Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said during a news conference on Capitol Hill last week announcing that he and 39 other Democratic senators sent a letter to Trump, demanding the United States remains a party to the Paris agreement. "The falling cost of renewables is one of the most encouraging stories on the planet today", he said adding that in the U.S. and China, new renewable energy jobs now outstrip those created in the oil and gas industries.

A day earlier, Trump on return from his maiden overseas trip met with Pruitt. The Earth is already about 1C warmer than it was at that time, scientists have determined, and current and near future emissions seem quite likely to take the planet past 1.5C in the coming decades. He has spent his first months in office working to delay and roll back federal regulations limiting greenhouse gas emissions while pledging to revive long-struggling US coal mines.

Juncker said: "If the US president pulls out of the Paris agreement, and he will in the next days or hours, then it is Europe's duty to say that that is not how it works". It is thus not surprising, that many private corporations, including major oil and gas companies have adopted climate action.

Hundreds of high-profile businesses have spoken out in favour of the deal, including Apple, Google and Walmart.

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