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Microsoft Rewards are now available to users in the UK

Microsoft Rewards are now available to users in the UK

Microsoft Rewards are now available to users in the UK

If you want to exchange your points directly for some gifts, an Xbox Live Gold Membership, for example, will cost you around 6,000 points, while a 1-month Groove Music Pass costs a staggering 9,500.

The Microsoft Rewards programme was previously only available in the U.S., and offers points for every Bing search you do.

To sign up for the scheme, you just need to register on the Microsoft Rewards page.

There are two status tiers in Microsoft Rewards - Level 1 and Level 2.

Microsoft also gives one point for every pound spent in the Microsoft Store in the UK.

The uptake for Microsoft's long-suffering search engine, Bing, continues to be so dismal that Redmond has resorted to paying people to use it. And if in a month will be collected 500 points, the user will automatically increase your daily income up to 150 points.

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During the day you can collect up to 60 points.

Outlining the concept to Wired Kevin Stagg, head of consumer marketing at Microsoft, said: "The points can be redeemed for a number of Microsoft offerings".

While there is a limit, there are also a few ways you can maximize the points you get and earn stuff more quickly.

If the item you are looking for appears to have a shopping intent e.g. looking for items to decorate your room, Bing will automatically do a shopping search and find relevant items in online stores that match the picture.

Microsoft Rewards was previously called Bing Rewards and was previously only open to U.S. users. According to a report, Google usage stands at 85.74 percent, with Bing in second place with a 10.07 percent market share and Yahoo in third place with 3.16 percent usage.

So there's a clear incentive to make it your homepage as well as the default search engine in all the browsers you use, whether on Windows or on Android or iOS.

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