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Highlights of the NDP-Green deal in British Columbia

Highlights of the NDP-Green deal in British Columbia

Highlights of the NDP-Green deal in British Columbia

With either the B.C. Liberals or the NDP in charge, the government would be within a single vote of defeat.

Now, we're getting a first peek behind the curtain, as members of the Green negotiating team open up about the process.

Cariboo-Chilcotin incumbent Donna Barnett, who has served as the Minister of State for Rural Economic Development under Clark for the past two years, told the Tribune Monday she had "no comment" while Cariboo North incumbent Coralee Oakes who served as the province's Minister of Small Business, did not return calls for comment. Essentially, what this means is that the BC Greens are only expected to support initiatives that both parties have agreed to in the package.

"This agreement sets out a new relationship between the two parties, founded on the principle of "good faith and no surprises", the covenant states. Our agreement to support a B.C. NDP government is an important aspect of collaboration in this new political era, but cross-partisan work is not limited to it. The bottom line is, as the representative for Fraser-Nicola, I'll go to Victoria, we'll do the work, and we'll work with whatever is in place.

With an NDP government supported by three B.C. Green MLAs, the carbon tax would rise by $5 to $35 a tonne in April 2018, continuing to rise by $5 a year until it reaches $50 a tonne by 2021, as dictated by the federal government. "This is a new era for politics in BC - one where British Columbians are truly the winners".

Although Clark appeared resigned to the outcome of a confidence motion, she said she is not ready to walk away from office before recalling the legislature to see if she can get support to continue governing. She said she expects the legislature will test the confidence of the government in "short order", possibly as soon as early June.

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"If there was a need, we could meet it with a variety of other renewable and smaller scale sources".

"In fact, it may be a way for her to avoid talking about the agreement Horgan and Weaver have because she won't know what is in the agreement, nor will reporters at the time she is available to the media".

"If there is going to be a transfer of power in this province - and it certainly seems like their will be - it shouldn't be done behind closed doors", Clark said.

Asked if her resignation as inevitable, Clark said she would follow constitutional convention and wait for the lieutenant-governor's decision.

It was the brass ring the Greens - for whom prop-rep represents a way to translate popular vote into seats in the legislature - really needed from the NDP during this rare window of opportunity. A party needs 44 seats to govern in majority.

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