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China cripples CIA operations, kills informants

China cripples CIA operations, kills informants

China cripples CIA operations, kills informants

A bombshell New York Times report reveals that the Chinese government "systematically dismantled" spying operations by the Central Intelligence Agency, killing or imprisoning as many as 20 sources over a two-year period starting in 2010.

The Times, quoting 10 current and former American officials who spoke on condition of anonymity, described the intelligence breach as one of the worst in decades.

An investigation into the breach allegedly caused division between United States officials, with some believing a mole in the CIA to be behind the crisis, while others thought the Chinese had hacked the covert system of contact between the intelligence agency and spies on the ground. "Not only was the CIA's spy network dismantled, but Washington had no idea what happened and which part of the spy network had gone wrong", the paper said.

But there was no disagreement about the damage.

The Ministry of State Security, which oversees anti-spying operations, has no publicly available telephone number and no website, unlike other Chinese ministries.

Still others were put in jail.

Assessing the fallout from an exposed spy operation can be hard, but the episode was considered particularly damaging. Some immediately suspected a mole within the CIA, and investigators quickly began to focus on a former agency operative who had worked in the China division.

A Chinese state-run newspaper has denied an overseas news report claiming that a U.S. spy was shot dead in a government department courtyard, describing the story as "purely fabricated".

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Western intelligence services have traditionally found it exceptionally hard to develop spy networks in China and Russian Federation.

Details about the investigation have been tightly held.

The Chinese activities began to emerge in 2010, when the U.S. spy agency had been getting high quality information about the Chinese government from sources deep inside the bureaucracy, four former officials told the Times.

The first signs of trouble emerged in 2010.

The CIA had been receiving high-quality information about the Chinese government until 2010, when the data began to dry up.

The Chinese government has yet to respond to the report. Informants began to disappear in early 2011.

The story has attracted thousands of comments on Weibo, China's version of Twitter, with many people expressing glee that the spy ring was broken.

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