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Jordanian stabber shot dead in Jerusalem

"Hashem trieth the righteous; but the wicked and him that loveth violence His soul hateth". Despite his injuries, the policeman killed the terrorist, preventing him from attacking others on the crowded street.

Muhammad Abdellah Salim al-Qasaji, 57, who police said had entered Israel on a tourist visa a week ago, approached an officer before stabbing him, according to eye witnesses.

Eye witnesses said that the incident took place at 1.30pm local time (1030 GMT) on Saturday near the Chain Gate which leads to Al Aqsa mosque. The policeman suffered stab wounds to the head and neck.

A knife was then pulled out and the man stabbed the officer in the chest, but the officer managed to hold off the assailant off and fired his weapon.

Israeli daily Haaretz said an officer, in his late thirties, was injured and was evacuated to Shaare Zedek Medical Center, after suffering moderate wounds, but remained fully conscious and in a stable condition, and later confirmed his death.

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"The terrorist rushed toward him, whipped out a knife that he had in his possession, stormed him and began stabbing him".

Two knives were found on the terrorist's body.

The minister said the Jordanian Foreign Ministry, through the Jordanian embassy in Tel Aviv, is following up on the killing of Jordanian citizen Mohammad Kasji to look into the incident.

A Jordanian was shot dead after he allegedly stabbed and wounded an Israeli officer in occupied East Jerusalem on Saturday.

"The government denounces this heinous crime. and has asked Israel to provide full details about it", he added.

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