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Opera Rethinks the Web Browser

Opera Rethinks the Web Browser

Opera Rethinks the Web Browser

Opera web browser has now been revamped and now integrates social messenger services while you browse simultaneously. The most astonishing feature added by the company is the "quick access" to Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

The latest update to the Opera browser is now live and users can get it by clicking the below download link. And for chatty folk who use more than one messenging platform, Opera allows users to switch between them with a keyboard shortcut. "We believe this needs to change", says Opera. Opera now includes messaging capabilities by default. The feature initially debuted in Opera's Neon browser experiment, which aimed to test the company's oddest concepts and see what works. Now though, with the release of Reborn, it's clearly evident that Opera has serious plans to give its browser a massive boost on the desktop. If you're sustaining a conversation while browsing, you can also pin a communicator to the side of the display.

As well as the messaging sidebar, Opera Reborn debuts a redesigned UI, offering animated icons, colourful themes, and a dedicated dark mode. You can only view one pinned messaging app at a time, but pinning one of them pins them all.

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Opera may be the underdog of the browser world, but it continues to fight hard, adding interesting new features to try and win over users.

The interface also has a menu button which allows users to log out from messaging services directly in the browser. "In this release, in addition to the new messenger experience, it brings a fresh look, new icons, colours, wallpapers and a touch of animation", Opera said in its release.

Ars Technica noted that Opera's ad blocker automatically whitelists four sites: Facebook, Google, Yandex, and Baidu.

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