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Harry Styles awkwardly reveals if his latest song is about Taylor Swift

Harry Styles awkwardly reveals if his latest song is about Taylor Swift

Harry Styles awkwardly reveals if his latest song is about Taylor Swift

Things have changed, and now people are anxious if the "One Direction" singer is now talking about his ex in the new song.

Harry Styles' self-titled debut solo album is out today, and the internet is abuzz about one track in particular-"Two Ghosts". According to the lyrics, it is about "some lips red". With a duration of only 40 minutes, Harry Styles is composed of 10 songs that will rock you all summer.

"We're not who we used to be/We're not who we used to be/We're just two ghosts standing in..."

Thankfully, Grimshaw didn't let Styles off the hook for his coy answer as he introduced the track in question as "the one about Taylor Swift". The guys of One Direction are no exception. That the 23-year-old singer associated with three-minute radio-pop would kick-start his solo career with a almost six-minute piano ballad was bold, to say the least. The interviewer also asked Styles about the lyrics of another song, "From the Dining Table", which begins "Woke up alone in this hotel room/Played with myself/Where were you?". He said: "I happened to be driving along and I heard Harry's single".

"My favourite part about playing with this band is that I never really felt repressed, I never felt like I was faking it", he shared about playing with his own band.

But Two Ghosts is not the only song supposedly inspired by a real life woman.

The same red lips allude to Taylor's famous red lip that she has worn on multiple occasions.

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It seems that he also managed to kick a fan in the head, as they claimed on Twitter - while another said that she was "crushed" during his impetuous moment of madness, although he did meet her afterwards to apologise.

Styles sounded like he's not against writing a tune about his former girlfriend.

He switches gears with "Sign of the Times", which was our first introduction to Harry's solo sound. It is better than whining about past relationships. You're celebrating the fact it was powerful and made you feel something, rather than 'this didn't work out, and that's bad.' And if you run into that person, maybe it's awkward, maybe you have to get drunk. but you shared something. But this week, all eyes are on Harry Styles. They're feeling breathless now because it's suddenly so easy to imagine he might not be over it. According to him, the new songs are about "stories".

Harry Styles won't mind if people speculate about the meaning of his new songs. He added, "I found this process of making the album very fun".

The original Sign of the Times lyrics, which are actually pretty EXPLICIT.

Harry's appearance on Friday comes after a fan revealed how the Sweet Creature singer 'landed right on top of [her]' during a secret gig in NY. He says: "She's a good girl / She feels so good" In the refrain and we must recognize that this attempt to evoke his sexuality pleases us very much.

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