Google streamlines vendor Android updates with Project Treble

Google streamlines vendor Android updates with Project Treble

Google streamlines vendor Android updates with Project Treble

Google says that all phones and tablets running Android O and later will incorporate Project Treble, and that the first Android O Developer Preview already has it, waiting patiently for the VTS to roll out. Project Treble team lead Iliyan Malchev suggests that starting with Android O, all devices will be coming with Project Treble.

Google has unveiled a new system that aims to streamline vendor Android updates.

Android O is the foundation for the change, and it is being made in a manner to make the update cycle faster and affordable for the manufacturers.

Would this make you more inclined to buy an Android O phone?

It's no secret that Google's partners have nearly always been awful at updating their devices to the newest versions of Android. In an effort to combat the lengthy period of time between releasing new versions of Android and OEMs updating their devices, Google has announced the biggest change to the low-level system architecture of Android to date - Project Treble.

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With Project Treble would be eliminating the unwanted factors by introducing a new vendor interface that will act as a bridge for Android OS framework and the vendor implementation.

OEMs (Samsung, LG, HTC) step in and "modify the new release again as needed for their devices". It's only that, with Project Treble, no additional work will be required from silicon manufacturers before a device maker can get into that process.

Device makers work with carriers to test and certify the new release.

Finally, Google is working with those same companies to entice them to bring core Android changes and bug fixes - from country and carrier-specific improvements to actual features - and bring them into the Android Open Source Project.

It's powered by the new Vendor Test Suite (VTS) and is conceptually similar to the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS), which lets developers write apps that work across devices running on different hardware from different manufacturers. But we expect to hear a lot more about it at Google I/O next week.

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