Pakistani, Afghan Military Officials Agree To Defuse Border Tension

Pakistani, Afghan Military Officials Agree To Defuse Border Tension

Pakistani, Afghan Military Officials Agree To Defuse Border Tension

Pakistan's Balochistan Frontier Corps Inspector Major General Nadeem Ahmed announced the news on Sunday, adding that more than 100 members of Afghan security forces had also been wounded in the cross-border operation.

The Pakistani army said the Afghan border guards' opened fire despite the fact that Afghan authorities had been informed in advance about the census exercise in Pakistan.

Pakistan's military said the clashes broke out in a remote village near the border town of Chaman as the census team, guarded by troops from the Frontier Corps, was collecting population figures. It said that in the first two months of 2017, 807 personnel of Afghan security forces had been killed and 1,328 injured.

The spokesman said some foreign elements are creating hurdles in the peace process between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Border controls were virtually absent, and it was daily crossed with impunity by traders and travellers - until recent clampdowns by Pakistan.

"Nevertheless, we did not feel jubilant at the losses inflicted on the other side as Afghans are our brothers". He also said 100 Afghan security forces were wounded.

"Hotline contact between Pakistan and Afghan Director General Military Operation established". Several of the wounded said their homes were destroyed in the exchange. Asif warned that Pakistan would respond "fittingly" to Afghanistan if any further violations were committed along the border.

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Durani said the clash erupted when Pakistani "militias" tried to cross the border Friday morning.

"We are not pleased to announce this but the Afghan commanders are responsible for this", he told reporters in reference to Chaman border's deadly incident.

The Afghan government withdrew police from the border area and deployed army personnel.

Pakistani Maj. Gen. Sahir Shamshad Mirza asked the Afghan military to ensure its forces stay on their side and take every step to "defuse the situation" while the Pakistani military would "work within our own border". "The border will remain closed until Afghanistan changes its behaviour", he said.

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Samim Khpalwak, a spokesman for the governor of Kandahar province, instead said two troops were lost in the attack, in addition to one civilian death.

In February this year, Pakistani troops resorted to heavy shelling of Afghan territory in Nangarhar region, saying the area was hosting anti-Pakistan militants.

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