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North Korea accuses US, South Korea of assassination attempt

North Korea accuses US, South Korea of assassination attempt

North Korea accuses US, South Korea of assassination attempt

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The move is aimed at curbing the North's coal sales, a main source of hard currency suspected of being exploited for its nuclear and missile programs.

North Korea has a history of making unfounded and irrational claims, and CNN was not able to independently corroborate the report.

"This bill gives the administration a powerful tool to cut off North Korea's funding by going after those who do business with the regime", Chairman Royce said. The White House quickly clarified that conditions were "clearly not there right now" and said the North should "end its provocative behaviour immediately".

The call came as the US House of Representatives on Thursday overwhelmingly voted in favor of broadening sanctions against North Korea, including efforts to cut the regime's sources of worldwide financing. In North Korean propaganda, South Korea remains a "puppet" of the United States.

South Korea said the workers chose to resettle in the South on their own.

As of this writing, the entire Southeast Asia is pondering over the thought whether Kim Jong-un will listen to the United Nations or not.

The CIA and Seoul's Intelligence Services (IS) have "ideologically corrupted and bribed a DPRK citizen surnamed Kim" to carry out the attack on Jong-Un, the statement said. The National Intelligence Service dismisses them as propaganda.

Iraqi forces gain foothold in northwest Mosul after surprise new push
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Hamas accepts Palestinian state along 1967 borders
Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman in Gaza, said the group had to move beyond its original charter to achieve its goals. A copy of the program was distributed to journalists in Gaza who followed the news conference by video link.

The accusations come with the USA and North trading threats over the latter's nuclear and missile programs, and as Washington considers whether to re-designate Pyongyang as a state sponsor of terrorism.

The threatened South Korean media companies included TV station Channel A, which described the festivals involving tens of thousands of children as an Adolf Hitler-style "political show". The North regularly issues threats of military action without following through on them.

North Korea has stationed multiple rocket launchers and artillery units on the two islands, where a shelling and rocket attack was launched on South Korea's Yeongpyeong Island in 2010.

The cooperation between spies and the North Korean man, identified only by his surname, Kim, allegedly began in 2014 when agents approached him while he was working in Russian Federation.

For most, the prospect of war is far less worrying than Tuesday's presidential election to replace impeached leader Park Geun Hye and end months of turmoil triggered by her corruption scandal.

South Korea's military "strongly condemned" the drill and warned of "fatal" consequences if the North provoked it.

"The price that Beijing pays for its longstanding support for a North Korean regime that exports instability as its only sure means of regime survival is a bill that has finally come due".

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