No dubbing for Vin Diesel in 'Guardians… Vol

No dubbing for Vin Diesel in 'Guardians… Vol

No dubbing for Vin Diesel in 'Guardians… Vol

He expresses his initial disappointment toward his role as Drax in the film. By doing that, he grounds the film in something that is thoroughly engaging - and dare I say real - and that is the characters and their relationships to each other. And how later things started making sense for him.

But please, stop trying to make Howard the Duck happen.

"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" will not be released until after "Avengers: Infinity War" and so when asked if the third movie could be a prequel to the ensemble film, Gunn said that this would not be the case.

I was impressed, then delighted, but I wasn't expecting, at this point, to be surprised. There's even an asteroid-dodging space flight that owes a spiritual debt to "The Empire Strikes Back". It's a continuation of coherent and blissfully limited ideas.

A graduate of the Troma school of gross-out aesthetics, Gunn continues to give his series the most unnerving visual palette in Marvel. Feeling unusual and excluded is an entirely human story, but one that's emphasized when those experiencing it are a blue alien with a robotic fin embedded in his skull and a surgically enhanced sentient raccoon. The route that "Guardians" takes to address this sibling rivalry involves a lot of spaceship crashes and double-dealing, but the most powerful work comes out of the conversations Gamora and Nebula have about what was done to them.

Groot was voiced by action star Vin Diesel in the 2014 production. While we never saw that one coming, this new one arrives with weighty expectations. Rather than always scrambling for a reset, this sequel seems to delight in wandering down loose paths the previous film set down.

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Although the scene relies a bit too much on Baby Groot's cuteness (and he is damn adorable without being saccharine) it does do something genuinely clever. One villain character, who has given himself the moniker Taserface (Chris Sullivan of "This Is Us"), is mocked repeatedly for the ineffectuality of his meant-to-be-threatening handle. Live action animation is more often treated as a special effect than an excuse to play in the brimming-with-life, visually appealing world of character animation. In the meantime, we meet the head of Ravager society (Sylvester Stallone), learn that Baby Groot is not very good about following instructions but is willing to chop off people's toes, and drone through a tour of some oddly bad museum dioramas. The little guy steals the show.

"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters Friday from Marvel Studios, which is owned by Disney, parent company of ABC News".

On-screen, he plays Starlord's long-lost father - teaming up with Lake Stevens native Chris Pratt. James Gunn, the writer of those one-liners, also manages to direct some creative action set-pieces, and has cooked up a handful of "wow" moments at odd planets and weird aliens.

"Guardians" blasts off with an initial burst of good-natured energy before indulging in some ill-advised sequences, foremost among them a slow-motion fight scene that cavalierly notches a distasteful body count, even in this over-the-top setting.

"Guardians" is my favorite Marvel franchise because I would be happy just hanging out with these characters no matter what they are doing, they do not need to be saving the galaxy to be fun.

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