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Ex-Florida senator who used racial slur hired Hooters, Playboy models

Ex-Florida senator who used racial slur hired Hooters, Playboy models

Ex-Florida senator who used racial slur hired Hooters, Playboy models

A Florida state senator resigned Friday after an obscenity-laced tirade Monday night in which he reportedly called fellow Republicans the n-word and aimed insults at another colleague as well as the Senate President.

Senate Democratic Leader Oscar Braynon of Miami Gardens on Friday released a statement after the announcement by Artiles of his resignation from the Florida Senate.

Gibson and Thurston could not be reached for comment Friday morning. Audrey Gibson, who he called a "bitch" and a "girl" and called six other senators "niggas". In the announcement, Artiles also apologized for his inappropriate remarks on Monday, in which he used the "N-word" to refer to a group of black state senators.

Thurston said he asked Artiles to apologize, and Artiles did.

Earlier in the week, religious leaders joined a growing chorus of lawmakers and concerned citizens demanding Artiles resign.

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The announcement came shortly after Artiles was forced to apologize Wednesday to his fellow legislators on the senate floor. "To the people of my district and all of Miami-Dade, I am sorry I have let you down and ask for your forgiveness", he said. Thurston - who was at the bar with Artiles - filed a formal complaint accusing Artiles of violating Senate conduct rules.

Artiles called serving in the Florida Legislature "the honor of a lifetime" and said he wants to continue to serve the community.

Florida law requires the governor's office to hold a special election with respect to filling Mr. Artiles' seat in the state Senate, Naples Daily News reported.

Nevertheless, as pressure mounted, Artiles evidently saw the writing on the wall-a decision that at least one former colleague applauded. The race will also mark a test for newly elected Florida Democratic Party Chair Stephen Bittel, a wealthy real-estate magnate who won a contentious race by pledging to spend heavily on races.

"If every time a senator made a mistake or someone made a mistake that they were going to resign, we'd have half the Senate gone for whatever reason", Artiles said to media on Wednesday. Public protests followed, including one at Artiles' Miami-area headquarters where signs were posted on his office windows demanding that he resign. Gov. Rick Scott said he would "immediately fire" an employee who said what Artiles said.

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