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Takeaways from the Clinton campaign autopsy "Shattered"

Takeaways from the Clinton campaign autopsy

Takeaways from the Clinton campaign autopsy "Shattered"

As Hillary Clinton was reviewing a draft of her concession speech on the night of the 2016 election, she reportedly said her stunning loss to Donald Trump was her "last race".

According a to "Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign" written by political writers Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes released on April 18, Clinton viewed Biden as a "DEF-CON 1 threat", the Daily Mail reports. Democratic vote-counter Steve Schale had called to tell campaign officials that Hillary would not be winning the state, coming "up short" behind Trump. Filmmaker Jon Favreau was asked to help with Clinton's speech announcing her candidacy, but dropped out after he found that the campaign wasn't "united by any common objective larger than pushing a less-than-thrilling candidate into the White House". In the final chapters is a play-by-play from election night, how Clinton apologized to president Obama for losing-and making that call to the future president.

"You need to concede", the book says Obama told his former secretary of state over the phone.

He said they wanted her to stand up "for people that she thought would be treated poorly under a Trump administration".

As she saw it, "other people will criticize him".

"I had planned on running for president and although it would have been a very hard primary, I think I could have won", he said, reports Variety.

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"Now, though, with the President placing a consolation call, the reality and dimensions of her defeat hit her all at once". Now she's taking flak for getting too deep in the weeds in the speech she gave at her campaign's first big rally in NY. ("They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion."; "You're likable enough.") Given the result of last year's election, it's easy to forget that Clinton had genuine strengths (in fundraising and mobilizing party elites) that won her the nomination.

Joe Biden thought that Hillary Clinton was "playing ugly" after she attacked his record to discourage him from running for the presidency against her.

"Shattered" also reveals that Clinton gave the first national television interview of her campaign to the wrong journalist. FBI Director James Comey said on the same day as the event that he would not recommend charges against Clinton over her use of the private server. The script sent to Sanders had him praising Clinton's ideas on healthcare and education, while slamming Trump's economic policy. Her campaign shunned white working class voters, who turned out for Donald Trump en masse.

As the first take on Clinton's doomed campaign, they offer a behind-the-scenes view of the obstacles in her way - some familiar and others a effect of the shifting American electorate. A staffer told the authors that Clinton wanted to know "who was talking to who, who was leaking to who". LLAMAS: "Do you think Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton or do you think Hillary Clinton beat herself?"

"Shattered" leaves open the question of how Clinton lost.

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