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Sessions to tour Arizona-Mexico border Tuesday

Sessions to tour Arizona-Mexico border Tuesday

Sessions to tour Arizona-Mexico border Tuesday

The attorney general laid out his plans for a crack-down on illegal immigration, telling agents that the Trump administration marks "a new era" in immigration reform.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions (R) talks to Montgomery County Police Chief Thomas Manger after his meeting March 16 with the Major Cities Chiefs of Police Association at the Justice Department in Washington, D.C. Sessions will meet with chiefs of police Tuesday after touring the U.S. -Mexico border in Arizona. "The lawlessness, the abdication of duty to enforce our laws and the catch and release policy of the past are over".

The tone of his comments at times echoed the explicit rhetoric President Trump himself used when discussing illegal immigration and cartels during the campaign.

He also urged federal prosecutors to intensify their focus on immigration crimes such as illegal border crossing or smuggling others into the United States.

Sessions said he hopes to streamline hiring to get 50 judges in place this year and an additional 75 in place next year.

"The battle is far from over". But one thing was missing from his speech as it was delivered: a phrase referring to criminals who cross the border as "filth", which appeared in his prepared remarks.

"This is the Trump era", the attorney general said.

In addition, Sessions directed that undocumented immigrants be charged with committing document fraud and aggravated identity theft, "the latter carrying a two-year minimum mandatory sentence", he said.

Sessions called the decline "unprecedented, " coinciding with the administration's roll out of a border security strategy, including the planned construction of a border wall.

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Congress will fund Trump's border wall Trump administration halts sanctuary city reports Sessions omits line calling gangs "filth" from immigration crackdown speech MORE on Tuesday omitted a line from an immigration speech calling crime organizations such as drug cartels "filth" as he addressed border agents.

"Each U.S. attorney has a finite quantity of resources that should be expended on the most important offenses", says Rickerd.

As for enforcement, each federal district has been instructed to have a "border security coordinator" in place by April 18, whose task it will be to oversee the investigation and prosecution of immigration-related crimes. "Please don't come." Sessions said.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has traveled to the US-Mexico border to deal with those who "rape and kill innocent citizens".

His directives already exist under USA law, the order only "mandates" US attorneys to make such enforcement a priority. "He and President Trump are wasting more federal taxpayer dollars going after illegal border crossers instead of protecting the American public", said Gregory Z. Chen, director of government relations for the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Civil rights advocates, however, characterized Sessions' directive as an attempt to intimidate immigrant communities.

"We will now be detaining all adults who are apprehended at the border".

After touring the border, Sessions was the keynote speaker at an worldwide conference of police chiefs in Litchfield Park, and spoke to personnel at Luke Air Force Base.

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