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'Pretty Little Liars' reveals a major secret in its final season premiere

'Pretty Little Liars' reveals a major secret in its final season premiere

'Pretty Little Liars' reveals a major secret in its final season premiere

From heartbreaks to OMG moments, plenty of drama went down in episode 10, "The DArkest Knight".

If you haven't seen the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars and want to avoid spoilers, stop reading now.

"Pretty Little Liars" kicks off its final 10 episodes Tuesday night on Freeform for what the network is calling "the beginning of the end".

"It's really freaky", said Lucy Hale.

Spencer is at the E.R. and losing a lot of blood.

Elsewhere, the Liars were anxious with both Noel and Hanna missing. She shows them a package that arrived at the barn. Spencer was shot, and the girls had received shattering news. Aria has her suitcase packed but Ezra quickly reassures her that nothing has changed and that he wants her to stay. It reveal stories about Paige, Emily and Alison and who will end up together.

Will Haleb wind up together on "PLL"? .

Alison revealed she was pregnant during the Season 7A finale. She then goes on to state that she only kissed Emily because she was feeling vulnerable but does proceed to instigate a passive-aggressive fight between herself and Paige.

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Yep, she landed the role of the swim coach for Rosewood High where she will work with both Allison and Paige.

Still, Mona delivered on her promise and gave Hanna's designs to a senator's daughter.

Aria was busy planning her wedding to Exra when she ran into Holden, who just happens to be working for his sister's bridal business. Veronica Hastings screamed. "That's not a denial", Spencer snapped back. When they attempt to leave, they realize Emily forgot her phone upstairs and Hanna accompanies her to get it. Downstairs in the school, Jenna (Tammin Sursok) is chasing the remaining Liars around with a gun.

Noel Kahn isn't an "A" threat anymore ... "Same way, other people make a habit out of jumping in after them".

Oh yeah, Spencer was shot.

Spencer was the first character to step up play after being told that she would garner a "reward" for visiting a "sick friend" in the hospital. Naturally, Spencer feels unusual about visiting Toby what with his girlfriend, Yvonne, now being in a medically-induced coma.

Because no PLL theory is complete without a mention of Aria, a new theory has been brought forward by Cosmopolitan, who reckon that the mysterious mentions of Byron Montgomery's brother will come back to make sense in 7B. The best thing about him being home is this line about Toby and Yvonne's wreck: "All of the things that have happened in this town, and those two get taken out by a deer?" Here's where each of the Liars stand as they prepare to face A.D.'s terrifying endgame, which will apparently unfold through an elaborate board game that incorporates A's favorite technology: the smartphone!

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