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Nicki Minaj Works London Streets in New Video for 'No Frauds'

Nicki Minaj Works London Streets in New Video for 'No Frauds'

Nicki Minaj Works London Streets in New Video for 'No Frauds'

The new video for the song, which Minaj announced is the first single off her long-awaited fourth studio album, is a rich addition to Minaj's already-stacked canon of trademark videos.

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Minaj released the music video for "No Frauds", her rebuttal to Remy Ma's "Shether", on Wednesday (Apr. 19, 2017). Featuring scenes shot in London and in the US, the video also showcases Young Money's reunited and renewed energy as "The Big Three". Many remember Ali from her days as a Love and Hip-Hop cast member but most notably, Rah Ali is the former bestie of rapper Remy Ma. When people had a less than pleasant response to this new allyship, Ali responded with an open letter where she stated that while she and Remy are no longer friends, they're not enemies either. "New York" cast member said that she did not betray Remy and that there was no tension between the two. Minaj is trying to show that figures matter and in terms of sales, Remy does not come any closer to her. It looks like Nicki pulled out all the stops for the video to make sure the Bronx native hears her clap back loud and clear. Things heat up as the clip goes on, with Drake and Wayne joining Minaj at her palace for luxurious late-night party. As I asked yesterday, "Who really wants trouble with Remy Ma?".

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