Microsoft Launches To-Do App For iOS

Microsoft Launches To-Do App For iOS

Microsoft Launches To-Do App For iOS

Some also have been curious why Microsoft didn't simply update the existing Wunderlist app and instead, opted to develop a new to-do app instead. Once the suggestions come through, the user is able to tap them and then add them to their list of tasks for that day. According to the company, the app starts off with a screen called "My Day" that provides a list of items that needs to get done on a particular day. That acquisition had followed as part of lightweight personal-app buying spree by Microsoft, which also included the purchase of Acompli (for e-mail apps) and Sunrise Atelier (for calendar apps). The app even lets you transfer lists created in the latter to the former. One of them will allow users to automatically sync their Outlook Tasks with To-Do.

Yes, the company plans on retiring the widely popular task management app in the coming months, when it is confident that To-Do matches up to the standards of the audience.

To-Do launches today on several major platforms, including iPhone, Android, Windows, and the web.

Whether you're an Office 365 user or not, To-Do is definitely worth a look.

Of course since this is a Microsoft product, you have integration with other Office 365 software and apps.

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Microsoft is planning to bring more features from Wunderlist to To-Do, including the ability to share lists; a Mac app and tablet apps for iOS and Android are also planned.

It's been nearly two years since Microsoft bought the cross-platform task master Wunderlist, but you wouldn't know it to look at it. Currently To-Do can't do everything that Wunderlist can, such as adding attachments to a task or creating subtasks, but those things may be added in the future.

Prior to the addition of the phone sign-in feature, Microsoft's Authenticator generated one-time codes to support two-factor authentication for Microsoft and third-party accounts. It's lacking a few features still, like list sharing and collaboration, but that's all on the way.

One of WIRED's most die-hard Wunderlist fans, Matt Burgess, attempted to use To-Do's import tool to move his lists over to the Microsoft app.

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