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A Mini SNES Classic Edition Might Be In Production From Nintendo

A Mini SNES Classic Edition Might Be In Production From Nintendo

A Mini SNES Classic Edition Might Be In Production From Nintendo

What pre-installed games will be included on Mini SNES?

This is despite the fact that the recent price of NES Classic Edition is nearly six times the suggested retail price of $60 (almost at a part with today's new gen consoles).

The recently discontinued NES Mini will be followed by the release of a SNES Mini.

In July 2016, we first covered the Mini Classic NES, later officially called the NES Classic Edition.

A new report from Eurogamer claims the company wrapped up production on the NES Classic to make room on the manufacturing line for a SNES Classic that will allegedly hit shelves before the 2017 holiday season.

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It's hard to get a clear picture of console sales over time because most manufacturers don't release the number of systems they've sold. As much as we were completely distraught when Nintendo discontinued the Classic edition (which sold out in a matter of minutes and are now being sold for extortionate prices on eBay), we get it now. All figures are estimated by third parties. The Super Nintendo console, largely considered one of the greatest gaming systems ever, had a way more extensive and popular library.

Despite the success of NES Mini re-launch, the company never intended it to be a permanent product according to Eurogamer.

"One big problem we noted in our review of the NES Classic Mini was the incredibly short cable for its controllers".

The Japanese video game company also explained that they never did intend for the NES Classic to be a permanent product, but rather a cool novelty item, just to bring back player's childhood memories, and it was flawless for the Christmas of 2016.

Nintendo Switch is now reportedly available at GameStop that comes with a new bundle which includes the NS console with Gray Joy-Con (or Neon), SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSD card with adapter, "Mario Kart 8" Deluxe (Physical Game), "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" (Physical Game) and Expansion Pass (Digital Download), Express reported.

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