National Football League to release 2017 schedule Thursday night

National Football League to release 2017 schedule Thursday night

National Football League to release 2017 schedule Thursday night

The regular season ends with week 17 on Sunday, December 31.

Seven of those teams (Patriots and Dolphins twice) qualified for the playoffs previous year.

The NFL has partnered with Amazon Prime this season for 10 Thursday Night Football games and a Christmas Day contest.

Francesa just announced the #Giants 2017 schedule on air.

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A Super Bowl rematch! But none will compete with the Falcons' highly anticipated trip to New England in one of the biggest games of the entire season.

The Patriots will play back-to-back games on the road two times and then have a stretch of three straight road games. The Browns and Jaguars are the only teams this season that won't face a short week and who won't have to tweak their weekly schedules at all to accommodate alternate game days or times. Teams would prefer to have a bye later in the season like this. The other is against the Ravens, who went 8-8 past year and aren't exactly star-filled. Some of them are pretty good! The Patriots will play the Jets on New Year's Eve. There are potential wins on the schedule for everybody, and if you drastically improve in the offseason, the scheduling makes it possible for you to contend. And yet, nothing really jumps out at me. The Raiders will face the New England Patriots on November 19 in Mexico City as this tweet from Roberto Abramowitz shows.

The oddsmakers in Las Vegas are certainly taking notice. The Legion of Boom may be losing some of its punch, but the Seahawks are a different team at home and there nearly always seems to be some sort of controversy when Seattle get a prime-time home game. That game against Oakland, given the location and the strength of opponent, might be the toughest game on New England's schedule.

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