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Most Americans no longer think Trump keeps his promises

Most Americans no longer think Trump keeps his promises

Most Americans no longer think Trump keeps his promises

In February, Gallup's polling suggested 65 percent of Americans believed that Trump has kept his promises, but that has eroded to just 45 percent in April.

A growing majority of Americans no longer believe President Donald Trump can keep his promises, a new poll by Gallup revealed. That's down from 62 percent who believed he would when polled from February 1-5, two weeks after Trump's inauguration.

A minority of Americans say that Trump "cares about the needs" of people like them and that he "can manage the government effectively". That's down 17 points since early February, when 62 percent of respondents held that position. And many of Trump's policy reversals, as well as his April 7 missile strike on Syria, occurred either during or after the poll was conducted, which makes the impact on Americans' opinion of those recent decisions unclear. After saying he'd move on to tax reform after the GOP's stinging defeat on its health care bill, Trump said on April 11 he would "do health care first" in a Fox Business Network interview.

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In March, a Gallup poll revealed that President Trump has already received approval ratings as low as Barack Obama ever saw during his eight years in office. The survey detailed the public's increasing disillusion with the president's performance, with the public less likely to view him as a "strong and decisive leader" or as "honest and trustworthy". But the declines have been greater among subgroups that tend to be less supportive of Trump, including Democrats, liberals, women and young adults. In February, almost two-thirds said they thought the president keeps his promises and now only 40 percent believe he does.

These views could shift again, depending on Trump's actions over the course of his presidency.

The president has also lost ground on five other characteristics.

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